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Originally Posted by Stangholio View Post
You are definitely a lot calmer than me. My car gets damaged there and some kid tells me I am nit picking if I can still see it. IMO he shouldn't be talking to customers. He obviously has no customer service. As for the car. I hope it gets fixed the way you want or even better your do get a new car (with doors aligned already). Wonder if this is something Deysha can help with?
I hope this lady can help.. That would be great! And I am calm. It will get me further I hope. I told his boss and everyone else there that he is in the wrong department to be telling me I am nit picking my car. That, 'I shouldn't have bought a black car if I didn't want to see all the imperfections'.. Little ******* has balls too. I mean, I already have the Marine Corps plate on the car and I am not a small dude.. He was just cocky as all hell for his size.. You can be sure I am going to be telling the regional manager about him.. I don't want him to lose his job but I do want him to be reprimanded in some shape. Hell, maybe make him sit in a 6 hour class on service skill building.. Lol!!
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