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Originally Posted by usmcponycar View Post
Thanks, Wayne! It just sucks... I am in love with this car but the point to what I am trying to make is that they are cracking the factory seal and paint.. And when the warranty on this car is up, I am already going to have to worry about the quality of work on the paint job and whether or not it will hold up years down the road? I shouldn't have to have that worry in the back of my head with a new car, should I? And I will tell you, the body shop they are going to send it to perform the paint job is probably going to be the same exact one that damaged the door. They aren't exactly batting 1.000 here which is just adding to the empty feeling in my stomach. I am not trying to be an ******* at all but we are talking about a pretty serious paint job to an entire side of the car. If it was my bumper I would probably be okay with them painting it and proving to me the paint looks alright. Not skinning my entire door and stripping it.. Then, having to flare out my fender and quarter panel to make it blend..
It does suck but you have to look at it this way. If you had an accident that caused the exact same damage, you are going to have some type of repair done to that door. The likely hood of finding a new black factory door would probably not be very good and that it would have to be repaired in some manner. Believe me, I was pretty upset about my car but I finally realized that it was not worth letting what happened ruin everything else I liked about the car. To be honest, the factory paint on these cars is not all that great and if you plan on keeping this car for a very long time like you say, it will probably have to be repainted at some point anyway

I only have about 5,900 miles on my car since last August and I already have two big rock chips on the hood from a rock kicked up by a truck and some smaller dings in the paint on the front bumper from who knows what. Like someone said before, if you drive these cars, they are going to have things happen to the paint.

In the end though, only you know what is acceptable to you and what we say doesn't really matter. Take care.


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