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Originally Posted by usmcponycar View Post
But you never answered the question on what side of the bed you woke up on? And you're right.. There could be prior damage on it I don't know about. And, if it was major, it should be traceable, right? But the point is, I now know about this.. I am not letting them do that extensive of a paint job on that car. If I damaged it and I needed to get the work done, it's going to the body shop and that is going on the carfax report. But the dealer gets let off the hook? I think not..

And yes, it is an investment. It is the last year, I am afraid, that Mustang's will have their aggressive look. Not taking anything away from any other year, but there is just something about the 2013 and 2014 body that makes it look similar to the 68 fastback I always loved.. And if you're so smart about investing, you should trade at the merc or on wall street.. They can use people like you that know about what the future holds.. My car was built, almost to the day, 50 years after the first Mustang rolled off the assembly line. And while I know the 2015 Mustang is going to have the title of the 50th anniversary, my beautiful beast was truly built 50 years later. Take your time machine and go back to 1968 and tell my grandfather his non-Shelby purchase of a 1968 Fastback GT wasn't an investment.. Then, I will watch as his priceless car vanishes from his garage before my very eyes. Negative Nancy!

Your car is common and it will go through the depreciation cycle just like any other car. You aren't driving a Lamborghini.
As far as your damage goes, the dealership is under no legal obligation to do anything but repair the damage. Your daddy might be a lawyer, but I promise they have multiple ones working for them as well as state law on their side. Take the new door if offered and move on.

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