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Originally Posted by 70monte View Post
The liability of this damage may fall on the independent body shop the dealer uses and not on the dealer itself since the body shop is the one that damaged the car and not the dealer. There is also no guarantee that a new Black door will match the paint on your car as batches of paint can all be slightly different in color. Do you have any pictures of the damage?

Oh, I'd be pretty surprised to learn that's how it works.

Ultimately he contracted to have the work done by the dealer. He paid the dealer.

If the dealer chooses to have a 3rd party do the actual work where the damage happened then the dealer has a "claim" vs the 3rd party ........but the dealer is still the one that has to pay him or pay for the fix......

I could make the analogy to a situation any two people might get into.

If I borrow your Mustang and while it's in my gets dented.......if the actual damage was caused by someone else......I could go after 'em or you could go after 'em......but you don't have to. You could go after me......I took responsibility for your car when I borrowed it.

I OWE YOU....for the damage.......You can bet money on the idea I'm gonna try to recover my loss from the person who actually did the damage but fixing or paying for the damage to your car is on ME!

I was responsible for it and if the person who did it won't own up to it and pay I can't say to you, "sorry but he won't pay.....I guess your screwed!" You'd win the civil suit vs me without any big effort at all.....because one thing is not in lent me a dent free car and I returned with a dent.

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