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A lot of this has already been said, but any half competent body shop can easily fix that so that you can't tell. Something similar happened with a new car I bought. And I'm quite picky. I couldn't tell when it was all said and done. In a short time I forgot all about it. It didn't affect a thing. This is a mass produced car, not one assembled to Rolls Royce standards. It's an everyday use car, and a depreciating asset despite what passion we have for our cars. As pointed out the paint quality is already not the greatest. And driving it all the time except for winter - this is pretty minor compared to what can and probably will happen over the time that you have it.

Not trying to diminish your feelings about your car or this event, and the dealership does sound like they're working with you. Frankly, if it happened a year out when there's other wear and tear already present, a re paint might stand out even more at that point.

Also if you're seriously considering any kind of legal action, probably best not to even discuss this issue in a public forum.


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