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On a base V6 about 5k off is about the best you will do. Most advertised prices that are way cheap are B.S. I don't have time to explain all the misc scams that are hidden until you've spent a few hours at the dealer and are in the office ready to sign away. I've purchased 13 cars in the last 15 years and walked away from about 2/3rds of the dealers I went to when they tried to play a last minute trick. The 11 dealers I bought 13 new cars from were honest and upfront. If a dealer refuses to give you a quote and tries the old "Come in and we'll talk" be ready for a mediocre deal at best. They will try to beat you down, waste your time, and tire you out so you just say F it and pay their price. I tell dealers I won't come to talk, I will only come in to buy. I rarely waste time at dealers anymore.
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