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I live in TN where it doesn't get quite as cold in the winter as where you are but still below freezing. I had the Track Pack on my 13' stang, which had the 3.73 obviously. I will tell you that in cold weather especially with the summer tires it's like driving on hockey pucks and you have to accelerate real slow or you'll break traction in a heartbeat. What I did (as someone suggested) is I had a different set of tires for the winter which helped a little. So disadvantages would be it's very easy to break the tires loose on a launch even in the summer. If you plan on madding your mustang with a lot of extra hp, it might not be the best option because the more HP you have the easier it will be to loose traction on a launch and your 0-60 will go to crap. Advantage is, if you plan on keeping it basically stock it adds to illusion of a faster launching car, which is nice. But IMO big gear ratio, like 3.73 is just a crutch for not having enough torque.If you have enough torque you don't need big gears to get moving

2015 mustang GT, Performance Pack, Recaro seats, All-weather floor mats.

Ordered: 5/20/14
VIN received: 10/16/14
ETA: 12/11/14
Delivered: 12/10/14
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