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Originally Posted by Fatopotomus View Post

How about you go to the ATM, take out $400 and lay the cash in front of you on a table. Now you have two options:

I.) pay the shop $400 for labor.

II.) take about $250 of that and buy some tools (assuming you don't have any in the first place) that will allow you to do this job yourself (its really pretty straightforward and anyone that has ever pulled off a wheel or changed oil can do this without a whole lot of heartache)

The best thing about option II is that now you have the tools to help you do other tasks in the future. So its not really a cost, its an investment.

... or you can pay a shop hundreds of dollars to do something you can do in your own driveway in an afternoon. Up to you.
III. I'm 51 years old, well aware what $400 looks like, married with a wife and 5 kids and LOTS of other stuff to keep me busy besides learning to do something and buying toos for a task I will likely never do again.

I am aware I have the option to do the job myself and if I wanted to, I wouldn't have asked about the quoted price. I'd rather pay someone else and have the day for other stuff.

I'm not sure why some here need to be all high and mighty on DIY and condescending towards those of us who choose to pay others to do certain jobs on our cars.


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