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Originally Posted by MakeMyStang View Post
That stinks, they sent you the wrong ones. Are the going to replace them with the correct ones? I posted a pic on your Mod thread of what they should look like.

Thanks for the compliments.

fake gas cap came off pretty easy, what I use was one of those paint can openers (the ones you get free from Lowes) cause it has that hook on it. So did not have to touch the car paint at all. However, that double sided black tape was a challange to take off, used rubbing achohol 91% to break down the rubber, and oops to remove the self adhesive glue. That was to most time consuming of the entire job.

CDC sell the lid with or without the GT badge, which the badge is the same as the fender ones, so I elected to get it without the badge. Figure I can always add one when I change out my fender GT for the Pony Flag emblems.

Thanks for the compliments.
For future reference... Napthalene works real good at getting that stuff off and it won't harm the paint.

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