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Originally Posted by BullittSS View Post
Sounds like a perfect opportunity for our resident Ford representative, Deysha! Here is her official 'out of the office' thread, indicating that she'll be back on Tuesday. Deysha has helped out many members with various Ford service issues. For me, she did a great job tracking my car from the day it was ordered until delivery!
Originally Posted by Stangholio View Post
You are definitely a lot calmer than me. My car gets damaged there and some kid tells me I am nit picking if I can still see it. IMO he shouldn't be talking to customers. He obviously has no customer service. As for the car. I hope it gets fixed the way you want or even better your do get a new car (with doors aligned already). Wonder if this is something Deysha can help with?
Thanks for the mention, guys! Hes already had this escalated, as per his previous post.

Originally Posted by usmcponycar View Post
I hope this lady can help.. That would be great! And I am calm. It will get me further I hope. I told his boss and everyone else there that he is in the wrong department to be telling me I am nit picking my car. That, 'I shouldn't have bought a black car if I didn't want to see all the imperfections'.. Little ******* has balls too. I mean, I already have the Marine Corps plate on the car and I am not a small dude.. He was just cocky as all hell for his size.. You can be sure I am going to be telling the regional manager about him.. I don't want him to lose his job but I do want him to be reprimanded in some shape. Hell, maybe make him sit in a 6 hour class on service skill building.. Lol!!
Has this been resolved for you, usmcponycar? If not, PM me with your case number, or VIN so I can check on it.


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