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Originally Posted by Deluxe View Post
I have a question and I hope I get this right. We intend to data log which we send to AED. We then get our tune-$150.00 less than on a professional dyno- upload the tune. Run it and do another data log. We then send it to AED and he makes final adjustments for our tune. I have to believe that this is about as close as one can get to a dyno tune without being one.
My Son has been studying tuning and knows far more than I. He intends to get the HP product which will allow him to open up the tune and make changes. This process is neither recommended for those who do not have the time or the knowledge to alter a tune. They should find a good canned tune or see a tuner.
I really want to hear from Beechkid as he seems to have a better handle on this subject than most. I would have quoted him but his dissertation was far too long.
Great question. I'd also like to hear Lund vs AED as i know beefcake racing has got their mustang into 8.8 with their Lund tunning.

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