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My last car, a Mazda 3, was hit pretty hard with hail back in 2010 and I was surprised how thorough the claims adjuster was regarding writing an estimate for the car. What I figured was about a $1,200 repair, they wrote for nearly $2,500.

With regards to paintless dent repair, that's what they did on my car and it looked brand new after I got the car back, no evidence of being battered by a hail storm. Keep in mind that it really depends on the depth of the dents and the number of them. If they are too deep or there are too many of them, they would just write to replace the whole panel and paint to match. And regarding body filler, insurance companies know that using body filler on an entire panel is not the best way to repair hail damage. As much as the insurance company wants to get the job done for as little as possible, they also don't want to pay for repeat work. While most people shy away from "insurance company approved" repair shops, in this case I'd definitely use one. For a 2014 vehicle, insurance would write for new OEM parts, and the repairs usually come with a guarantee so if the shop messes up, the insurance company will make it right. The ones I used were professional, clean, and had newer equipment.

As I'm an insurance adjuster myself, I can tell you that your auto policy does not cover for diminished value to your own car. On the other hand, when I traded in my Mazda for my Mustang, the hail claim didn't even show up on the Carfax report.

Hope that isn't too long, just wanted to add my two cents since I've been on both sides of hail claims.
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