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First off, don't do the springs without doing the dampers at the same time. And when you do the dampers and springs, you're going to want to do upper strut mounts and the panhard bar at the same time. Your best bet is to do what I did-piece it all together over a series of months. I bought a new item each month and my timing worked out that I hit some pretty good sales by waiting. But you won't want to either pay or have to do the job twice by doing the springs and dampers separately---plus the car will ride terribly with just springs. Do it right. Do it once.

With regard to what hardware to use--there are too many options! I won't say that you can't go wrong, but buying something from a reputable company will ensure that what you pick won't break in a month. I have a chromoly panhard bar from Steeda. I went a bit overboard on the strut mounts with steeda HD mounts--I think they're pretty good. The steering seems just a bit more communicative to me. The most important parts for performance are the springs and dampers. I installed steeda sport springs and Koni sports/yellows. When the dampers were at full soft all the way around, the car felt very similar to stock with regard to ride--though it smoothed out the harshness over the bumps. On full hard, the car is too much--mostly at the rear. The car bounces like a civic on cut springs. So I think the Koni's give the best compromise on price and adjustability, IMO. You can keep it soft for the streets or hard for a smooth track.
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