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Originally Posted by doubleg View Post
These newer S197's are still pretty new to me, im learning what I can but only as time and $$ allows and thats not alot.

Im looking to lower my 11 for a better stance, but also handling. I might try an autox once with some buddies, but the car is my daily driver and I do like to run the 1/4 every once in a while. Im on a limited budget so im probably going to have to piece this all together over time, but I figured I would start with springs and the panhard bar to make sure my rear diff stays center. I do know that much.

What would you guys recommend for a daily driver that wants to be able to handle well, remain a nice ride (not jar your kidneys out) yet still be able to launch pretty well off the line? (im not asking for too much right. LOL)

Any opinions are appreciated. I know this is the next mod I need to do when the budget allows it.

To me, it sounds like our lowering springs (SP009) would be the ticket for you. They are designed as an all around "performance" spring....while slightly increasing the rate up front, and running a similar to OEM rate out back.

They work VERY well for drag racing, retain a great ride, and I have several cars out there running them for handling duty with larger rate sway bars.

As for the panhard bar, there are many, many options out there. Our PHR006 model is likely the most common adjustable panhard bar found underneath S197 Mustangs on the road, today.

As for the dampers - Koni anything, will not work very well for straight line / drag use. The rebound valving on the STR.T and Sports is just too aggressive, to allow for proper front suspension movement when looking for optimized traction.

I am a big fan of the Strange Single Adjustable struts and shocks. For the price, they run about $460 for the set, which I feel is a very good price point for what you get. I have customers running these pieces for daily driving use, drag and handling.

If you were not looking to pick up performance at the track, or straight line...I would say the Koni's would be a solid choice for the price...but I think you should consider something adjustable. That is the only way you will meet your goal of having a 3-trick pony.

I highly suggest you pick up atleast some front struts for the install of the springs. Too many times, I see people "blow out" the front struts on these cars, when lowering their car and retaining the OEM Struts.

That said, my recommendation for your initial purchase/install is:

Lowering Springs $249.95 (BMR)
Strange front Struts $280
GT500 USM $107.95
Adjustable Panhard Bar $139.95

That is going to put you into the $780 range, but you will be glad that you chose to upgrade the struts....especially if you didn't, and have an issue. I dislike seeing hobbyists having to double their work, and spending even more money to get to the same point. IE: If you blow out your OEM struts, you will have to end up buying the new struts, another set of upper mounts, and double the labor.

Happy Modding!

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