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Originally Posted by MCA2011 View Post
Whoops. Yeah I thought I put it in my OP.

Koni str front/ rear. Rears show as out of stock
Looks like the Koni STR.T's are expected to be back in stock by July 24th or 25th. I know we ordered more of these quite a while ago, but every time the start of a new race season hits, Koni goes through a tone of inventory. It usually takes a few months for them to re-up on with everything. I'm sorry for the long wait, unfortunately our hand are tied on this one.


Originally Posted by Dprat View Post
Not trying to hijack the thread or anything but Im a car dumnazz and it seems related... I know basic stuff but not a ton like most of the people here (thats why I come here) Anyway, I just gave up an 06 Saleen for my new 11 which I absolutely am in LOVE with. I would like to get better handling (without the stiff bumpy ride) as close to the Saleen as possible.... What parts would I need? Springs, caster camber blah blah blah? whats the best?

There's a few things you're going to need to match your old Saleen. To keep a smooth and comfortable ride, I suggest using the SR Performance springs. They handle well and drop the ride height 1.5" all the way around. Next you'll want struts/shocks like the Koni STR.T's for max comfort and handling. Lastly, you'll need an adjustable panhard bar to recenter the rear axle.

Camber plates or bolts usually aren't necessary for a 1.5" drop on 11-14 Mustangs. Also, there's a few other components that will increase handling and traction, but the parts above are the bare minimum and will get the job done without consequence.

I don't want to take the OP's thread too far off track, so if you have more questions, feel free to PM me directly. I'd be happy to help you out!


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