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Originally Posted by Charlotte Stang View Post
They're worried about the survey because it counts. If you're not honest on the survey what incentive is there for them to do better? This is not the first time they've done this and begged for good marks. They'll brag about their 5 star service to the next poor soul that unsuspectingly walks in. There's no reason to give a good response when it's clearly not deserved.
+1 but, my post about honesty was meant to NOT unduly slam them if they were OK (and I think OP got that) I will add I like my selling dealer although I was dissapointed about how clean my new car was at delivery...clean but only barely. No problem I find washing cars on of those chores I kinda enjoy. As I mentioned it's your choice of music & beverage.

this smilie has nothing to do with this post but I like it.........

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