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I had a somewhat similar experience.

Ordered black 14, traded for exact car ordered in sterling grey. Car comes in and they drill bumper and has 18 explainable miles on a new, special order car. I ask for $400 extra off car (already $400 under inv and Mgr declined. Ordered me another car.
New car comes in and there is a ding, pass door has a wrinkle in it from the factory and the gas door lines don't match the body lines. They wanted to paint and I lost it. Went to ford, bashed them on the survey etc....

In the end, they did a paint-less dent removal on the ding, swapped pass door and gas door with car #1 to avoid painting. I was lucky the paint was an exact match. I would want a new car and if you decided to paint the vehicle, you may be better off going through your insurance co to sue them. Ins co's have deals with body shops to cover their work for the lifetime of the vehicle.

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