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The new 2014 Kenwood updated versions pushed me over from looking into buying.

The ability to mirror phone, including any phone app like iGo or the $22 TomTom GPS app for Android, using the radio's touch screen control was the ticket. I hate the thought of being stuck with factory or fixed GPS maps for years, or expensive updates. Having a full blown GPS app in smartphone, that can be used in car radio touch screen the same way, solves all this. And, saving a bunch of cash by skipping GPS version of radio pays for all the other needed installation essentials. Plus, can use full internet from Wi-Fi or 4G from the phone on the Kenwood's touch screen display as well as having the clock back in the original display! All for around $500, not $800 to $1200.

On it's way from Crutchfield is the new DDX5901HD $499, Maestro ADS-MRR $75, MUS01 kit $115 (both 50% off with radio purchase), and free antenna adaptor, for a total of $690 shipped. Skipped the free after rebate Sirius radio option, as I would never use this type of pay to listen service, but I can see how others would.

For those with a ADS Maestro/Kenwood combo in the Base 2014 V6 Mustang with Sync,

1. Climate control. I see screens with auto and dual zones. Does this at least add auto fan and temperature control, instead of the stock manual fan and hotter/colder knob? I guess there is no way it would add dual zones, without the extra hardware needed, but is the hardware already there to allow full auto climate control? Set it at 76 degrees, and it goes and stays there using cooling or heat, increasing fan speed to max until it is close to 76, then lowers speed to low when temperature is reached, all automatically?

2. Does steering wheel button controlled sync "voice" allow you to fully control radio, such as change station, etc. (not just the presets)?

3. Are the two added USB ports powered when car is shut off, so charging of phone is still possible? Edit a day later: I now see that most Kenwood's only have one USB port, so only one port in the cubby of the MUS1 is used. Other is useless without adding extra modifications. Has anyone added cheap and easy 12v to 5v parts to make this a charging port?

Thanks in advance

2014 Sterling Grey V6 w/factory stripes, Tech/Sync, RR Sensing Sys / Security, V6 Performance Pkg's.

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