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Originally Posted by randeez11 View Post
I just got one of my Brembo wheels back on the 12. There was a drywall screw in the tire ! It was close to the sidewall and the tire guy said "that tire is #$^$%$ cant fix it. I talked to the tire shop owner and he said lets tale the tire off the rim and see what it looks like. Luckily, the screw went in at an angle and they were able to patch it. If not, the tire guy told me that these tires were probably discontinued, and no longer available. So I was looking at a pair of new tires if this hadn't worked out.
But wait, here is the rest of my story. The tire on the other side has two plugs in it from screws. And all of this on tires with less than 10,000 miles on them.
Maybe a little bird is telling me to get new tires, I don't know. But these tires from the Brembo package are working very well, sans holes from screws.
In 45 years of car ownership, I have never had this many repairs done, ever .

Shouldn't feel too bad though, another guy was in the shop getting a flat fixed on a BMW. And they took a 3/16" drill bit out of his tire. lol
It's a plague I tell you, I had to get my front passenger side tire patched this saturday, looks like a 2 inch dry wall screw. Luckily it only cost me 5 dollars.

Back when I had my WRX I got a screw too close to the sidewall, $250 dollars for a Bridgestone tire.

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