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I think you all are taking the term of what I mean by investment incorrectly. Investment - an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

In its literal term it takes on a purpose for me. Buying a 2014 Mustang and taking the time I have taken thus far in protecting it. Buying the additional 'protection' packages ($3900 in total) and the current money I have spent on cleaners, rags, floor mats, is the act of devoting time, effort, and energy with the expectation of a worthwhile result. What I do know is that worthwhile result has been taken from me. So, my investment is degraded to me and other reasonable individuals would undoubtedly agree. And, that is the dealerships fault. I am driving a car around that I no longer would like to devote time, effort, or energy to because my worthwhile result has been ruined by the dealership. You all can say what you want about me going above and beyond but this is a brand new car. This car didn't have any damage to it when I gave it to the dealer to begin protecting my investment. I expected it to be brand new off the assembly line so I could begin my worthwhile expectations and result of the car being brand new. I have had to wait on the passenger window as well as it is an aftermarket. So, I have been unable to tint my windows and get the clear car braw on it as well. And, if they do paint the car, which they will because the paintless dent removal guy was not able to get it out, I still have to bring it back in, again, in order for them to put the paint protection back on the car after the new paint cures. So, those of you telling me this isn't an investment, please, do tell me where the worthwhile result is of buying a new car when I have to go through all of this for a new car? I think any reasonable person would agree this is an awful lot for someone to have to undertake for buying a brand new car; especially considering the $3900 of initial money I spent toward protecting this vehicle.

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