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Originally Posted by usmcponycar View Post
Gold Package (Paint Protection/Environment Protection) - Honestly, it was sold to me as paint protection, undercoat, and interior protection package. Then, they wrote it down as Gold Package. And then, it inevitably ended up as the 'Environmental Protection Package'. The guy told me it would warranty the paint against hairline scratches and swirl marks you normally see on a black car for 10 years as well as bird crap, tar, etc. 'Bro, you can leave bird crap on the paint and never wash it off and it will not eat through this stuff'. That it was going to feel like a non stick pan when they were done and blah blah blah.. So, I bought it for $1,495.00 as they convinced me it was a necessity for a black car. Then, I was told, after they performed the work, it did not protect against swirl marks as I noticed one on the hood.

Ding and Dent/Tire and Wheel - $695.00

Extended Service Plan - $1695.00 which extends the warranty to 10 years on the car for everything. So, I bought it.

Exactly, $3,885.00..
Not to get off topic, but the dealer I bought my 2010 from talked me into some of those extras. ECP The Protector "Paint protection" that left swirl marks everywhere is one.

I had my former 2007 GT undercoated, and I'll never do that again either. It's more of a hassle in the long run than it's worth IMO.

The next time I buy a vehicle, an extended warranty and gap insurance are the only extras I'll get.

Back to the original topic, I'd want a new car too after what you've gone through. A new car shouldn't be anything less than perfect. Period. Not only is a new vehicle a substantial monetary investment for most of us, most take pride in keeping their car as perfect as possible.

Even used, I don't want a car that's had any bodywork or been hacked up with modifications.

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