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Originally Posted by slorydn1 View Post
Wow, I don't even know where to start. I was going to quote posts to start this one, but I would have had to basically quote the entire thread making this post even more ridiculously long than its already going to be-if one has questions, see the posts above.

To the OP:

Get it fixed and move on. Paint matching is literately an exact science these days that any body/paint shop worth its salt can replicate to the exact degree. Case in point:

We picked up my wife's brand new 2012 Kona Blue GT Premium on December 14, 2011. She was built December 2, 2011.

On January 3, 2012, some moron in an SUV thought my wife's front bumper/hood was the perfect place to park her vehicle:

$1300 and a new bumper, grill surround, 2 new fog lights (adjusting screws were damaged somehow), radiator shroud, and a repainted hood later, the car was as good as new.

Kona Blue is every bit as hard as black to maintain/match yet I can verify that one cannot tell the difference between the repainted hood, replaced bumper or virgin factory fenders. The paint looks exactly the same on all three places from 3 different sources and on two different surface types (plastic bumper, metal hood/fenders).

Other than the 2.5 years and 28K miles worth of stone chips on the lower front part of the bumper the car looks practically brand new today, wouldn't you agree?

Now to the question of what these S197's will be worth in 25-30 years, who knows? This discussion has been beaten to death here, and I more align myself with those who say "not much" when we are talking about V6's and garden variety GT's, and maybe a bit more for Boss's, and a tad more for GT-500's.

There is a major reason why well restored 60's anything with power commanded a pretty penny over the last few decades: The 1970's, that's why. Cars in the 70's and early 80's sucked so bad that people were dying to get some 60's muscle over any of the a to b appliances that were being offered up as new cars back then.

A lot of those people passed their love of the 60's iron to their kids (us) who continue to keep they hobby alive to this day.

Unfortunately, our kids do not appear to be picking up on that same passion-listening to the rumble of a V8 is quickly met with "What, I can't plug my Ipod into it? What a piece of %$#@"!

The only caveat I place on that much will a car that looks just like my 2014 or my wife's 2012 be worth to my son in 2039? That would be for him and his generation to decide, not us. He may really covet a car that used to make him grin whilst his dad drove it sideways up a freeway on ramp (lol). Then again, he may not. He may decide he really prefers the fully automated car that drives him to and from work while he has the morning paper read to him by his Galaxy S36 phone, all the while the 2 cylinder diesel generator under the hood that is only there to charge the batteries is getting him 200 MPG. Who's to say??

Buying a car, any car, as an investment is not a wise investment. A car is a perishable item. Even when it is sitting still, it is still aging. Rubber ages, gets brittle, and cracks. Steel rusts, paint fades (etc). A great deal of time and money is spent trying to keep them pristine, taking all the enjoyment out of even owning them to begin with.

My wife and I, we daily drive our Mustangs. We maintain them as well as we can, and we keep them as clean as a pair of smokers are capable of doing. All the while we are enjoying the cars every time we start the engine. Life is too short to do anything but enjoy it, anything less than that is a waste.

To the rest of you:

I had been busy the last several weeks with testing for a software changeover at work, and a family vacay over the Memorial Day holiday week, so I haven't been around a whole lot. I see that many have been taking advantage of that with the way you have been treating each other, and the language you have been using in the open forum.


It's ok, I am back, and I know who you are and I am, as we say in my real life business, eyes on.

Keep it up and a few will be in forum jail
13 paragraphs with pictures and once I figured out the UGBFK all I got out of this was Mrs Slo lets you park on the grass?

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