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Originally Posted by usmcponycar View Post
No sir.. They have not even called me after I told them re-painting would be unacceptable. They said they would buy it back if the body shop was willing to take the hit otherwise I would have to take the hit. Effing bulls***!! If I give you my car to drive and we have an agreement that you pay for any damage if you hurt my car, and then you let someone else drive it and damage it. Well, my beef is with you.. What you decide to do to your friend is up to you.. But, you are the responsible party and I shouldn't have to deal with your friend.. Agreed?
That's not the point. The point they are trying to make to you is that they are under no obligation to give you a new car no matter who caused the damage. They only have to repair or replace the damaged part. What they're saying is that they will only give you a new car if the body shop picks up the tab because there's no way the dealer is going to. There's also probably no way the body shop would agree to that either - nor are the obligated to either - so I think you should make the best of the situation and get what you can... either another door or the best paint job they can provide (presumably from a different body shop).

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