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Originally Posted by pa-fatboy View Post
Hey guys, my 6 week old 2014 sterling gray GT premium was beat up last Thursday with Golf Ball sized hail in Reading, PA.

The Insurance guy is coming to my house next Wednesday to give me a quote to take to a body shop for repairs. I think there are about 75-100 divots in the hood, top, and trunk lid. Even the side of the passenger door was dented.

Question 1, I am concerned about how much this devalued the car, anyone have thoughts as to how much value I lost with having 'Hail Damage' tagged to the car into the future.

Question 2, What is better, dent removal techniques or filler and a repaint? They both sound awful to me on a car with less than 3K on it. I did search hail damage on the site and found a lot of guys like the dent removal on their cars, but I'm concerned about damage to the paint and what that type of fix might look like in 5 years.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this!
I'm outside of Philly and the hailstorm missed my house. Thank God! I actually just received a Hail Damage Sale email from Fred Beans Ford in Doylestown/West Chester. Some areas were hammered and another area a mile over got nothing. Mother Nature is interesting.

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