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Both outlets should have battery (constant) power unless something is different in the '14 compared to '11 and '12 models - possible but doubtful.

To change them to ignition controlled power, you will have to rewire. And since they are each fused individually at the Battery Junction Box under the hood (20A fuses #F5 and #F22), you'll have to rewire them both separately - there's no common power supply wire that connects to both.

Rewiring is no big deal electrically... there are several ignition switched sources in the Smart Junction Box (the fuse panel behind the right side kick panel) that you could use for power supply. The difficulty will be gaining access to the back of the power ports and routing your new wires.

If you want to ensure minimal impact on the factory circuits, you should use relays wired to an ignition switched source in the SJB to switch the existing constant power on and off. The relay coil won't have any impact on your ignition source and you'll still have the full 20A power supply to each outlet.

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