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I've had about the same luck with a post I started about a month ago with the issues I had with a 6 disc changer for my 2001 GT. After about 2 weeks with no help, I posed my questions on the Camaro forum and had about 15 responses in the first couple hours of it being on there.

Anyway, from my own research, it seems the majority of the factory Ford single disc and the 6-disc players are simply crap. You might be able to remove the stereo and open it up by opening the metal casing to get to your CD, but then I'd replace the head unit if I were you with an aftermarket one, unless you can find a working stock one, but then you might run into the same problem later down the road.

I ended up putting a nice Sony CD Player head unit in my Mustang which not only sounds great, but also has a plug recepticle for an Ipod.
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