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Originally Posted by 2CylindersMore View Post
Hold the t/c button in for 10-15 seconds with the brake on. Once the computer is way less involved you may have more fun
I would suggest that it would probably be best you that you turn off the TC when you're by yourself for a few times. I don't think realize just how much those computerized nannies save your collective ass. If you do this with a friend in the car, the my balls are bigger than yours attitude takes over, putting you and your friends life at risk.

To the OP:
I'm fine with the thread in regard to your 2014 won't smoke the tires, but I have problem with the "watch this" piece with said friend in the car. A little juvenile, you need to use your brain, not your testosterone. There is a time and place for everything, and maybe fate was looking over your friends shoulder that day saving his life a "friend" that was more interested in another "watch this" episode.

Not too long ago, there was some semi-famous actor that was a passenger in a high-performance car, potentially under very similar circumstances, when his friend got the keys to a car he was unfamiliar with, which had no traction and stability control, and may have mentally or verbally said, "watch this", ending in taking both their lives...

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