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Originally Posted by pcfrisch View Post
Bummer, I thought you were doing much better, I take back the wah, wah....I remember when I had to commute 50 miles one way, 200 miles per day, now with the price of gas it's a killer, even now we have a rough time during the summer because gas gets so dang high during those months.
How much traveling are you doing, you are going to move closer right?
As it is now I pay two tolls each way and the commute is ~42 miles each way. (it has taken me anywhere from 1-2 full hours each way) I plan to put the house on the market in January - if I can make it that long. My last employer really set me back with the pay cut, and with very little $ left over each month, it's a VERY slow dig out of the hole we created last year from my wife's missing of pay (maternity leave), the move, pay cut, etc...

It will get better - just a matter of time. I'm not "wah wahing" as you said - just stating some facts. And yes, my job has excellent opportunities for me, but that will take some time to reap the benefits.

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