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Originally Posted by Horsewhipped View Post
People that say that the S197 is outdated and such don't realize that the S197 put the Mustang back on the map. For me it was a chance to revisit the late 60's and get a new Mustang that I was too young to get in the mid to late 60's. The S197 put the sizzle back into the Mustang, and to repeat what the journalists were saying 10 years ago "that's just the way the Mustang is supposed to look" Couldn't be more true. I plan on keeping my 2013 GT for a long time. I can't get excited about a Mustang whose front end looks like a Honda.
+1000,I couldn't have said it better myself,I think Ford made a HUGE mistake with the design of the 2015,and rumor has it it gained a bunch of weight but I really don"t care, at 68 years old I will have my beloved Kona Blues GT till death do us part,LOL.
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