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Originally Posted by 5 pt oh View Post
Got Excedy to ship me out a set, the tech at ford said the stock pins were not big enough for this clutch, and that they would rattle and one hard launch and you'll be sitting right where you tried to launch.

They were free, so I guess it was a mistake. The instructions on the clutch kit say they coke with new ones.

Should have the pins in tomorrow along with the car that evening. Really excited to break this puppy in a take it to the strip!! What is recommended for break in?
Well that's good to hear! Always nice to learn something new too. 11-14 GT Exedy clutches use a larger dowel pin...

Most companies recommend clutch break-ins to be at least 500 "city" miles. That means lots of engaging and disengaging or slipping of the clutch at light to part throttle. A 200 mile highway road trip does not count!!

After that, the clutch should be more than ready to see some abuse. Hit the track and take advantage of the clutch with a killer 60'!


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