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Originally Posted by iampogi View Post
Thanks again for all the responses. As a first time buyer, the insight you guys have given really do mean a lot.

On that note, the day(s) is finally here to go out and get my own pony! I finally decided, after 2 weeks of research, that you really cannot beat the value of the base '14 V6 in both the used and new category in the 17-20k price point. Knowing that I will be owning this car long term as a daily driver: warranty, reliability and (to be honest) fun factor are my main buying points and the mustang fit the bill.

I have one car in mind (Plan A) that is Oxford White with Charcoal Black listed at 18.4k. My conservative target price will be 18.2 OTD with hopes to get it at 18k OTD (if not lower). With the impending release of the 2015 stock, is this a reasonable target price?

With my binder of figures, true car values, quotes/breakdowns, is there any last minute advice to take with me to the dealers?
The base V6 is a great choice for all the reasons you mentioned, however I would strongly consider the Tech package (SYNC, power seat, fog lights, auto-dim mirror) unless you have plans to go aftermarket later on, as it's very reasonably priced and helps ease the daily grind of commuting.

18K OTD will be pretty tough, the prices you see advertised are usually inclusive of all possible cash incentives (even ones you may not be eligible for, like the Competitive Lease Conquest $1,000 rebate). I think Ford is putting about $3,000 on the hood today, so if you take a starting point of $21,000 (which is below invoice and doesn't include destination), subtract the $3,000 in incentives, and add in TTL you'd be looking at around $19,500 OTD, so $18k would require the dealer to sell the car at around $2,000 under invoice.
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