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Originally Posted by ck80 View Post
First and foremost, thanks to everyone for their input so far... As a bit of a teaser I'm actually not going to say which car I did strike a deal for (and left deposit) until I do pick it up, but, it is true that I have actually struck the deal and picked the car to settle any confusion on that front.

However, to regard the GT suggestions and comments.... for me, one of those just wasn't and/or isn't the right car. The 305hp rating on the 3.7 is enough for me to be happy. I've had fast cars before, and they can be fun, but as I think about what I plan on using the car for long term it just isn't necessary. Then again, its not like the 6 isnt fast either. Plus, the premium pkg on the 6 does carry along lots of the fun bonuses. Besides, if you only go back a couple of years, the GT V8 mustangs actually were carting about lower ratings than the curent v6. (Not to mention that a number of my 70s/80s cars were rated just over 100hp new, and I'm sure have lost some over the years...compared to one of those it'll be blazing fast)

This car will be a pleasure, weekend, and occasional driver, and i'd be surprised if i hit 5-6,000 miles in a given year on it (although you never know.) Think something that will hang around and, all things willing, be the car that's still in the garage someday for when a kid starts driving and needs their first car. Unless I like driving it too much that is. So.... between all of that, extra cost, extra insurance, and lower gas mileage, the GT lost out during my search.
OP, Congrats on your new car.

You and I have polar opposites as far as priorities go in Mustangs, but if your car makes you happy - more power to you and at the end of the day, its whats most important.

Looking forward to seeing pics when you get it.

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