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First I would say your target is absolutely reachable. In fact, depending on if a no extra option pkg car is a possibility for you then a v6 premum coupe with the leather, lighting, and track apps might be in the cards too at that point

1) if you haven't already done it, register for the recent grad program on the Ford website. You'll find it by clicking on a little blue banner box on the bottom of the page. Secret here is you need to be either college enrolled or set to graduate between 1/2012 & 2015, I think you fit the bill and it's an extra 500 off the car. Just need a transcript and about 30 seconds to punch in you info and get a code spit back out.

2) go join costco. Membership is 55 or 110 depending on level you choose, but here's the key: they have an auto buying program with negotiated pricing at new car dealers. Visit the costco auto buying website, you don't need the membership number to build and price, see the invoice for a car. Only to find a dealer who participates.

As an example, this month the costco price on a v6 premium was 200 UNDER invoice. Then, you get all the applicable ford incentives and rebates on top of that.

Also, not sure if you have a parent in the military, but if so, that's another 750 off right there.

In my area, the v6 premium carried 4000 ford rebates and incentives, plus 500 college, plus 750 military family member, basically 5250 off what the 200 under invoice was.... but I was pricing cars with better than 3k in extras for around 22000 in a v6 premium with those incentives to give you an idea...

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