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Originally Posted by Allez Rouge View Post
Re-read the OP. In at least five places, the tense of his wording indicates he has already bought the car.
In fairness, the actual poll question is "which would you go for?"

So, joining the game without voting, I suspect the new one is a better deal than the CPO. Same-model-year, extreme-low-mileage CPO cars tend to be overpriced.

I chose GHIG but the S197 looks great in white (unlike a lot of cars) and if you have to ask the question you already know the answer.

In the poll, as a weekend toy, I would vote (c) Base GT 6MT for same or similar money. V6 Premium 6AT sounds a lot more like daily-driver trim. I love the V6 and I'm not saying don't do it -- I'm saying don't keep the poor thing cooped up in the garage all week!

2013 GT Premium 6MT. GHIG, Black/Cashmere 401A interior, Comfort Package, 19" 5-spoke wheels. Two boosters, one RFT card for my parking garage at work, daily driver.
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