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Originally Posted by laughingdragon View Post
said the heck with it and went to go take a cruise in the Mustang just a bit ago. I get in, low tire light is on. I start to think, naw, just off a little, temp changes sort of thing. Get about a half mile, paranoia kicks in and I pull in a parking lot. Sure enough, right rear is looooow. So I take it back home. Put air in it, as I am, I am checking the tire, sure enough, nail in it. Guess its off to the tire shop tomorrow.
Same thing just happened to me play by play. Same tire, same story. Im not sure if someone actually did this to my car... ill have to wait till morning and see if there is a nail or something in it. Right now its sitting in my garage with a flat. Im actually pretty worried about the rim being damaged from the weight of the car.

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