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Originally Posted by doubleg View Post
The instructions didn't say anything about water. I used Rapid-Tac though. That stuff is awesome.
Holy cow, 30 days not to roll your windows down? That's insane! I think my wife is going to get my windows tinted for me for Fathers Day, I better check into that first.
I was asking about wet adhesive vs dry for the vinyl because 3M makes vinyl with a dry adhesive already on it and channels to get the bubbles out, that's what my stripes are. It's mostly used for wrapping cars but I wanted to get the darkest metallic grey I could and that's what they had (7 year warranty was nice too)

For the window tinting 3 - 5 days is what I was told before you can roll them down, usually less if it is sunny out (the sun speeds up the drying time). 30 days is for any bubbles to clear up/dry out. The place I had all the work done told me after 30 days if there were imperfections to bring it back to have it fixed/redone. The tint is also 3M CS35.

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