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Originally Posted by Bobby B View Post
The paint on the leading edge of the hood on my 2011 Mustang is bubbling. This same thing occurred on my 2006 Mustang. My 2011 Mustang is 3.5 years old, and I detected the start of corrosion problem this past fall. Apparently Ford has not resolved the manufacturing process issue which results in this latent corrosion defect.

The bubbling paint is the result of corrosion occurring in the aluminum base metal at the leading edge seam in the hood. The seam can be seen with the hood open as it is underneath the leading edge. Corrosion starts at the seam underneath and works its way to the top surface of the hood. The corrosion also migrates to the rear underneath the hood.

On my 2006 Mustang, Ford instructed my dealer to offer me a new hood, or to have the entire existing hood repainted. I opted for the repaint which was very well done by a local shop the my dealer routinely uses.

I discussed the bubbling paint problem on my 2011 Mustang with my Ford dealer, and I was given a phone number to call to get resolution for this problem. It is a phone number for Ford Customer Service: 1-800-392-3673.
Glad to learn you’ve spoken to your dealer about this, Bobby B. Please let me know the outcome.

Originally Posted by Murphjup View Post
No Offense to the Original Poster, but you would be better off letting Deysha work it into the Ford Customer Service System.

She can escalate if you, instead of getting someone on the phone and trying to start from scratch.

The number given is just Ford Customer Service, fine to call them but you would be ahead of the game by contacting Deysha first...

Originally Posted by dcottrell6 View Post
I agree with this.

Like most of these suits, the lawyers will get the lions share of any "settlement" while anyone with the issue out of warranty will likely get a small discount on a repaint.
Thank you for the mention and support, guys.

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