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Originally Posted by 05mustangsoa View Post
This is all true except for the fact that the AEM is the ONLY company to use a stock like box that sucks in more air from the scoop. No hot air enters anywhere in the system. The open element dry flow filter is enclosed within an air box not just a flimsy heat shield like 99% of the other companies...
The Roush is pretty good in this area also. It uses the duct aka "scoop" at the end of the grille, it seals off to the bottom of the hood (more or less) and the only other opening is at the front, below the edge of the hood.
What we really want is
1) cold air
2) more of it
and the Roush design looks about as good as it can get

I wonder if anyone ever compared the area of the duct (aka scoop) in the grille, to the area of the MAF tube? Everyone always wants a bigger MAF tube, but everyone seems to be completely ignoring that all the air has to come in through that duct in the grille, so if the tube is bigger (in area) than the duct, then the duct becomes the limiting factor. Or, you have to pull hot air from the engine compartment and that defeats #1 above.

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