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Originally Posted by JBert View Post
The basic issue here is the diameter of the mass air flow metering tube section of the intake -- if it is the same as the stock or previous intake, then no recallibration (tune) is required ; if it is different, then a "tune" is needed to correct the "transfer function" for the mass air flow sensor so it gives correct readings for the bigger diameter (larger area) tube.

The Roush intake has the same tube diameter as the stock intake, so that's why it does not need a tune. The standard EFI system adjusts the amount of fuel for the amount of air that is coming in (as long as the MAF is callibrated correctly.)

I wouldn't expect to see any big gains with that intake, or any other for that matter. The stock 2010+ factory intake is pretty good, hard to improve upon that unless you are pushing some real big numbers and really need a freer flowing intake. I would not expect to see any decrease in fuel economy either; suspect something else was going on there; my 2010 with the Roush intake gets real good mileage.

But they do look cool under the hood and sound cool on heavy throttle!
Your FRPP tune will work if the statement above is true. The tube diameter is what matters when it comes to retuning.

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