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Originally Posted by selfmade41 View Post
Hi Guys,
Im new to this forum but not new to Mustangs. I recently purchased a 2012 GT/CS and I am trying to figure out the modifications the previous owner had made. (Looking to purchase the SCT x4 tuner) I know he did Roush Axle backs, Steeda CAI, JLT oil separator. The mid pipe is an X-pipe but I thought 2012 GTs had stock H-Pipes but the material itself matches perfect with the stock manifolds, I also dont see any markings on it. The gear ratio seems to have been changed also or maybe he purchased 3:73s from factory. These are the questions I'am trying to answer having gotten no where trying to track the guy down.

I dont know if this will work but could I purchase a Tuner (never purchased or tuned my car before) tune With the mods I know for sure have been modified/log the data and have BAMA check it out? I know if the gear ratio is off in the tune the speedometer will be way off, wondering if it would tell me anything else.

Any information would be helpful.

Welcome! That's a pretty good question and the majority of the parts that you would want to be concerned about would be right on the surface in plain site such as the CAI, Throttle Body, Long Tubes + Mid Pipe. Regarding the gears as matthewr87 had said this will have a marking indicating what ring and pinion (Gears) are there. I'm confident that there's definitely a tune on there as you're saying it feels like it. If you're to have an SF4 picked up we can definitely datalog it to correct the speedo with the appropriate axle ratio as well as the current tire size etc.

If you would like to shoot a Bama Tuner a call directly at 888.226.9764 they'll get you squared away!


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