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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
@ pony_boy: If a CAI is so bad or useless, why does the GT500 has one?
Because its supercharged.

It needs more air than a naturally aspirated engine... regardless of that, it doesnt mean that additional air is cold.

Superchargers require more air to produce forced induction and make boost.

The GT500 has a completely different engine than the GT, and it is specifically tuned to utilize more air and make more power under boost. It has a different intake manifold, different radiators and an inter cooler. Its heat extractors are more functional as well. The front bumper and grille are different and allow for more air flow as well. All of this works together to produce more power and efficiency and help the engine breathe better and make more power.

I still guarantee you that the air going into an open design filter box will be hotter than a closed design, sealed box. Regardless of the name "Cold Air Intake"

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