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Originally Posted by AF dude View Post
I went less that 40 mph for the one hour drive home due to traffic after picking up my new GT.

To the OP, as others said, just drive normally and you won't even notice what wheels are powering it. If you plan on driving it in the winter, I strongly recommend a good set of snow tires. I had a 2000 V6 years ago and the tires made a world of difference.
Thanks, I've had bad experience with snow, i know better to slow down and take precaution, other than that I've been trying to drive it like i did my Mazda, while taking slow turns (10-15mph) and so far things have been pretty great so far, pretty enjoyable. ill really have to get it in the highway soon.

Is it alright driving at high speeds while going around curves on the highway or should i slow down? I just don't want to feel like ill lose control if i pull the steering wheel to much to make the curve.
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