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You will have no problems as long as you drive slow in the turns at first. Next time it rains go into a big empty parking lot, punch it and try to make the car oversteer. You won't need to be scared if there is nothing to hit and you will understand the car a lot better. You will be able to see how the car feels when you've exceeded it's limits. Next turn off the traction controll and do the same. "Losing Control" in a safe environment will be excellent training. Don't let people fool you, you're new car has a lot of power and can get you in trouble. You can crash a Mazda 3 if you get carried away as well. Congrats, and don't worry. Just be carefull. This is coming from a guy who is an Excellent front wheel driver and a mediocre rear wheel driver, I'm still learning my Mustang.
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