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Originally Posted by Hellobatman View Post
I did a usual oil change this afternoon, second one, just shy of 5000 miles. Everything went fine, I'm certain nothing was missed or forgotten. Afterwards I went for a little drive to get things flowing so i could do a final check and make sure all is well.

I happened to stop somewhere, and when i went to start her back up, with the blip of the throttle the engine felt like it falls on its' face for the first few seconds then everything is ok. Also, during this time, my oil temp gauge SLOWLY climbs to standard operating temps.
Anyone got any ideas of what I might have done or what is going on? Thanks in advance!
Was this resolved for you, Hellobatman? If not, I recommend you bring it in to your dealer and have it checked out. Be sure to speak with your service manager as he is in the best position to ensure a proper diagnosis, and will be able to provide available options and/or coverage for any work needed.

You can schedule an appointment online here. Let me know the outcome.


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