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What is your budget? What is your purpose for the car?

Assuming it is primarily a street car with occasional drag strip passes here are my recommendations.

Tune and off road mid pipe are probably your best bet for power if you are on a sub $1k budget.

For sub $2k I would say above plus aluminum drive shaft and adjustable UCA with mount to set pinion angle.

If you are going to go past the above basics, in my opinion, you should really plot out where you want to go with your car long term. If you want a power adder in the future, that will determine things like what torque converter you should get or what headers you would need (in the case of a turbo).

If you want to lower it or do suspension, I would get with BMR and see what they recommend. But since you have an auto and aren't hitting the tires nearly as hard as a stick car it shouldn't take a lot to dial it in well enough. If you did drag wheels/tires, you might not even need suspension until you get into a power adder and really start making some numbers. There are a couple cars in the 9s on stock suspension, so that says something.

Just a few things to think about. Hope it helps.

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