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Originally Posted by Exodus5 View Post
Thanks for the info. Anyone with a 13/14 have these relo brackets?

BTW, I still haven't received my refund from CJ's. These guys are a joke. The manufacturer had me contact them and tell them they would give them return credit. CJ's said OK, we will issue a refund. Over a week later I emailed again for an update on refund status and they said they had to get the part back (from the manufacturer?) to issue a refund. I went back to Whiteline, who emailed someone up the chain at CJ's and copied me. That guy never responded, so I called CJ's again and the person told me they would issue the refund only after Whiteline credited them. I go back to Whiteline again last week, who said they issued the credit that day. Turns out CJ's has to wait for the credit (which actually went to the distributor) to come back to them before they will refund me my money.

I can guarantee I will never use CJ's pony parts for anything else.
Who have you been dealing with at CJ's about this?
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