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Just to clarify this ridiculous scenario...

I was driving through downtown and i hear police sirens whaling and lights flashing. Next thing i know im being pulled over by an F250 super duty.

The cop comes up to my door, asks me for license, insurance etc.

He had a huge cockiness about his attitude and demeanor. Basically harassment is what it was. I politely give him the documents and he tells me my exhaust is illegal.

I tell him it was purchased at a dealership and installed by a dealer and is legal in all US states.

Mind you the entire of downtown is looking at us thanks to his excessive use of sirens and massive truck flashing police lights everywhere.

He starts looking underneath the car on both the driver and passenger side. He then pulls out a digital camera and starts taking pictures of the inside of the Roush mufflers.

He calls himself an "exhaust expert" who is "trained by mechanics". This guy is part of the local PD here working traffic.

He gives me a ticket for having no mufflers on the vehicle. "Operate motor vehicle no muffler" for 110$.

He starts talking to me how my exhaust is actually bad and is heavy (LOL its 30lbs lighter than stock) and how it decreases performance. He explains how everything i said is from a marketing brochure LOL

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