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Originally Posted by Socal2fast View Post
Ok going to be getting a new GT. I see the numbers posted are 18/25?

I have a 2007 V6 with 20" shelby wheels and big tires that the sticker MPG are 18/26

So can it be right that I can get the same MPG on a New GT as my 2007 V6?

What numbers are you guys getting and what do you think?
Ford's current 5.0 engine is impressive - I have one in a 2011 Mustang GT Automatic and another in a 2013 F150 (my four wheel drive winter Mustang).

For the first 34,184 miles the Mustang has averaged 27.07269 miles per (US) gallon (that is 2 MPG over the EPA's highway rating for the car), with a low average for a full tank of 22.88 MPG, and a high average for a full tank of 32.29 MPG. The hand calculated MPG is typically 6% to 8% higher than the MPG readout on the dash. The 5.0 in the F150... the hand calculated MPG is typically 6% to 8% lower than the readout on the dash, and is running in the neighborhood of what I expected from the Mustang when I custom ordered it (somewhere around 16.5 MPG).

The fuel efficiency of the Mustang's 5.0 is heavily dependent on how you drive the car. Several cold starts per tank with short trips (less than 10 miles each), with a few full throttle runs will probably allow the Mustang's 5.0 to return 22-23 MPG. Forcing the engine to shift above 2,000 RPM on most shifts will drop that MPG by 2 or 3. Failing to coast in gear when approaching stop signs / red lights will drop that MPG by another 2 or 3 MPG. So, my Mustang's low of 22.88 MPG could have very easily been 18 MPG or less with slight tweaks to driving behavior.

At least once or twice a tank I plant the accelerator to the floorboard to bring the Mustang up to the speed limit - that might help to blow the carbon buildup out of the engine.

Attached are three pictures that show the MPG readout on the dash of my car: Picture 1 is from today, indicating that the current tank is at 27.0 MPG (actual MPG should be close to 29.1). Picture 2 is from two years ago on the second to best full tank average, with a 30.2 showing on the dash. Picture 3 is from a week after I bought the Mustang, showing 26.4 MPG at 1088 miles (I put nearly 2,000 miles on the car within the first 14 days, mostly just cruising around).

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