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Have I ever been to the US?? How very observant of you. As my avatar shows, I live in Jacksonville Floriduh. Grew up and got married in Toronto but have been living here for 25 years. Have you ever been to Canada?

The US Supreme court has ruled that truly random checkpoints are illegal so police set up checkpoints where they either stop everyone or else a specified series such as every third car. That eliminates the possibility of profiling and other selective enforcement - but it's not random.

That does not apply in Canada. They set up a checkpoint, stop cars for whatever length of time it takes to check out the driver, then turn around and stop whatever car happens to be passing by next without any particular pattern. There is another difference though... the checkpoints in Canada (at least the ones I've experienced in Toronto and Montreal) are much more friendly and polite. A drunk driving checkpoint doesn't bother people about other violations - they just look at the driver's license, talk to the driver for a minute or two, and if there is no evidence of drinking they hand them a promotional windshield scraper for the inconvenience and send them on their way. The stop generally takes less time than you would spend at a red light so most (non-drinking) drivers don't mind them at all.

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