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Originally Posted by mustangbr View Post
I installed my new JLT CAI this weekend on my V6 Mustang. Since it is automatic, I had to drill a hole as instructed here in step #4:

The 1/2" hole was too tight and I couldn't put the grommet and fitting inside of it. So I decided to enlarge the hole. Unfortunately, I screwed up and made the hole too big, to a point where the grommet is very loose (If I pull the automatic line to disconnect it, the grommet + fitting will likely come together with the line).

I added some silicon around the rubber grommet, so I don't think it will fall out while driving. Still, I wanted to fix in a better way, since I know the grommet + fitting will loose if I remove the automatic line one day.

I don't know if I made myself clear, but basically, can anyone think in a way of fixing this properly? I don't think JLT sells the CAI tube separately
This isn't a huge deal. Go to a good hardware store like an Ace or True Value, look for their fitting boxes. I used to work for a local hardware chain in Michigan called Gill-Roy's. We had a supplier called Jandorf that shipped a variety of odd but necessary fittings, grommets, hinges, flare couplings, etc. Heck, they even had the screw lock fittings for particleboard furniture in about 12 different sizes.

Anyway, we had two or three different boxes of rubber grommets with various OD and ID measurements. I'd carefully measure the OD opening you drilled and take the original grommet shipped to you for the ID measurement. You should find one that works just fine. Buy one you think is too big OD and put a little grease or WD40 on it to fit it in the drilled opening. Or heat it mildly with a hair dryer.

If you aren't near a local hardware store that carries jandorf, their website is simply

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